Singer/ Songwriter

“I enjoy experimental composition for creating music that is uplifting, motivational and has a rawness of story that I hope gifts a sense of empowerment and self-belief to others. I write my own lyrics and music, and all my singles are produced independently in my bedroom.”

Abira has had a life-long love for music, poetry and exploratory composition that connected with her enthusiasm for the world around her. She composes experimental composition and production, writing her own lyrics and music, and all her singles are produced independently.

Abira is a young Australian singer-songwriter, artist and Science enthusiast, seeking environmental and social justice outcomes within the creative industries. An advocate for mindfulness and positive teen mental health, having been principal in initiating the Young Change Agents Program, helping youth see problems as opportunities through social entrepreneurship, supporting Green and Social Justice movements, and using the art-form and collaborative power of voice for freedom of expression.  She has a passion for songwriting that speaks an inner story and shares a voice for others of her generation. Her storytelling grew from a deep love and respect for musical theatre performance from a very early age. Her music is inspired by the telling of stories and ignited by the experimental rawness of sound and processes of exploratory music development.

Abira has written many songs developed in response to her proactiveness in environmental and social causes. “… it’s about being a voice for others, having a purpose and a momentum. It has got to come from within – in response to what is without.”

Abira recently met Aloe Blacc and found his songs uplifting, globally embracing and providing such a valid and resonant voice for others. This ignited her passion to write for global youth empowerment through collaborative social movements and a joining of purposeful voices. Abira is inspired to write songs about important issues for her generation, and share these with the world in a way that is uplifting and collaborative.